#58 The One With The Killer Crooks

Episode 58:

"The Tale of In Cold Blood”

Richard "Dick" Hickock and Perry Edward Smith had very different childhoods, but they had one thing in common: both had been in serious automobile accidents in their early 20s and both suffered severe head injuries as a result. Dick and Perry both lived a life of petty crime, mainly writing bad checks, and had met when they ended up cellmates at the Kansas State Prison. It was there that Dick was told about the Clutter Farm where allegedly Mr. Clutter who ran a very lucrative business; had a safe full of money...all in cash. Dick and Perry put a plan into action but they over looked one thing...what happened if the safe wasn't real or there was no cash? This case perked Truman Capote's interest and ended up being the subject of "In Cold Blood", which went on to be the second best-selling true crime novel of all time.