#57 The One With The Second Son

Episode 57:

"The Tale of the Holiday Blues”

James Ruppert was hated by his family, simply for being born. His mother wanted a daughter and was unhappy when James ended up being a boy and his father just disliked his own life and decided to take it out on his younger son. James's brother, Leonard Jr., was the shining example of the person child and James couldn't live up to the expectations set because his family never provided him with love or affection. As an adult, James moved from job to job with no direction, continued living with his mother, and developed a paranoia that his brother was out to sabotage him at any cost. Eventually, James became fully convinced that everyone in his life was in on the plan and also believed that he was being followed constantly, by numerous different government agencies. All came to a breaking point around James's 41st birthday, when his mother gave him an ultimatum which included an eviction notice. Easter was also that weekend and the family gathering, which was normally a joyous occasion, was suddenly not something that James looked forward to.