#54 The One Where He Never had a Chance

Episode 54:

“The Tale of the Green Ford LTD”

Robert Alton Harris was abused before he was even born. Both his parents were alcoholics and despite having 9 children, they seemed to like using Robert as a punching bag. By the time he was 6, he had a constant shake to his hands and he would throw up his arms to protect his head anytime his mother or father entered a room. At 14, he was abandoned by his family and ended up in a reformatory until he was 19. After that, Robert tried normal life but ended up somewhat of an alcoholic himself and by 25, he was robbing banks and stealing cars. Robert was also charged with manslaughter after lighting a neighbor on fire, and after doing time for that, he and brother Daniel, decided bank robbing was their next goal. But to achieve it, they needed a getaway car and coming by that would cost a life...or two.