#46 The One At the Ice Cream Shop

Episode 46:

“The Tale of The Ice Cream Murders”

On one warm April night in 1967, Connie Hevener and her sister-in-law, Carolyn Perry, were working at Carolyn’s family owned ice cream shop located in Staunton, Virginia. The shop had just extended their hours for spring and the girls were closing up, after a successful day. However, right before closing, while the girls were in the back room counting the day’s deposit, someone entered through the rear door to the shop, shooting both Connie and Carolyn, before stealing $138 from the deposit and running out into the night. For the next 30 years, the authorities pointed the finger at a local in town, despite not having enough evidence to convict him, so the case and indictment remained open. That was until 2008, when new information surfaced that lead to the arrest of someone else...and shocked the community.