#44 The One Without Daniel

Episode 44:

“The Tale of the Skate Boarder Extraordinaire”

Due to situations beyond our control, Daniel wasn’t able to join in on the episode this week. Instead of skipping a week, we decided that I would tell a story that Daniel is very familiar with and one we wouldn’t do for a regular episode. Daniel will be back next week, don’t fret!

Mark Anthony "Gator" Rogowska was one of the key players responsible for the massive vert skateboarding boom in the 1980s. Propelled to super stardom by the time he was 21, Gator was the face of Vision Skate Wear, had money, fame, and a seriously cute girlfriend named Brandi. But then, skateboarding took a turn and the culture shifted to a style of skating that Gator was not use to. Suddenly the fame and fortune seemed to be drying up and Gator was lost. Then, when Brandi dumped him, Gator saw his entire world crash down and he proceeded to make the worse decision of his life.