#43 The One With The Kid Across the Street

Episode 43:

“The Tale of the 7 Day Search”

Maddie and Jessie Clifton, daughters of Steve and Shelia, were well known in their neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, and very close with their parents. the family lived across the street from the Phillips’, Steve and Melissa, who had a son name Josh. Josh was a couple years older than Jessie and Maddie, and was known to be a loner and somewhat inappropriate with the neighborhood children. Eventually, the Clifton’s decided that Josh was bad news, and told the girls that they didn’t want them hanging out with him, and also informed the Phillips, that Josh was no longer welcome on their property. After a couple weird occurrences in the Clifton’s home, while they were away on vacation, eventually things started occurring weekly and then daily, causing the Clifton’s to get the authorities involved but there wasn’t much to report as nothing was taken from the home. Then, one evening in November, Maddie suddenly went missing.