#41 The One With The Constipated Jury Part 2

Episode 41-2:

“The Tale of all the Blood”

Jodi Arias was an ambitious and driven woman, though most described her as having an odd behavior, that made them uneasy. Jodi was attending the Mormon church and working for a legal services company, when she attended a conference in Las Vegas Nevada, where she met Travis Alexander. Despite already having a live in boyfriend, Jodi began a relationship with Travis, which quickly turned sexual. Eventually Jodi broke up with her boyfriend and moved to Arizona to be closer to Travis, but things didn’t work out. The couple continued to have a sexual on-again-off-again relationship for over a year and a half, before Travis met another girl, and began dating her. He eventually told Jodi he wanted her out of his life forever, which she did not take very well. Then, shortly after this conversation, Jodi went out of town for the weekend. While she was allegedly out of town, Travis was killed in his bathroom while showering....and Jodi had several different stories about the events of his death.