#49 The One With the Deadly Family Gathering Part 1

Episode 49-1:

“The Tale of what happened on Mockingbird Hill”

Ronald Gene Simmons was in both the Navy and the Air Force, and along with wife Betty, had seven children between the years of 1961-1979. Ronald was stationed in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet Offensive and received a Bronze Star for his calm and cool demeanor during his time of service.

Ronald was a stern father who worked his children from sun up to sun down, building different detergents for any possible trespassers, so that life on Mockingbird Hill, would be as perfect as possible. However, the Simmons were broke due to years of Ronald’s mismanagement, and he had recently quit his job.

Ronald felt that there was only one choice for how to move forward. This choice was not one his family would agree with.