#47 The One With Not James Dean Part 1

Episode 47-1:

“The Tale of the Bow-legged James Dean”

Charlie Starkweather, as a child didn’t seem to care about school, despite having a high IQ and eventually dropped out in the 9th grade. Two years later, he was dating a 13 year old named Carli Ann Fugate. Carli’s parents didn’t approve of the relationship with the 18 year old Charlie, and eventually tried to keep the couple apart. But Charlie, who was a James Dean lookalike with a nihilistic attitude towards life, wasn’t about to go down without a fight. In January 1958, Charlie and Carli went on a 8 day shooting spree, killing ten people (11 total within two months), which eventually went on to inspire the movie, Natural Born Killers, as well as many others.