#72 The One With The Cat Assassin

Episode 72:

“The Tale of the Sabertooth Clan”

Clara Schwartz claimed she didn’t have a great relationship with her father, Robert, because he abused her mentally, physically and emotionally. His other two children said that this was completely false and no evidence can be given to back it up. However, for years, Clara continuously spoke of the abuse and her hatred for Robert. She even asked a couple male friends to help “get rid of him” and prayed that Robert would die an early death.

But when Robert did die an early death with 32 stab/slash marks on his body, Clara claimed she had nothing to do with it and that she had just been venting the entire time. She claimed to be shocked that the guy she had recently gotten involved with, (who was an assassin for a vampire clan apparently), would take her seriously and kill her father.