#69 The One With the Killer Pen Pal

Episode 69:

"The Tale of The Lonely Hearts Club”

Raymond Martinez Fernandez was a disappointment to his parents from a young child, though as an adult he was strong, caring and did very well at whatever task was given to him and even served time as a spy during the World War Two time period.

Martha Beck was made fun of from a very early age, due to her glandular issue, which caused her to develop fast both physically and mentally, but also caused her to gain and retain weight.

Raymond had a wife and four children when going into service but upon returning home, he had a major injury which caused severe and irreversible brain damage. After that, he moved in with his family and basically forgot about his family. He started writing to women through the Lonely Hearts Club Ads in the newspaper, which eventually lead him to Martha.

The pair were dangerous and eventually their relationship involved the deaths of the women that Raymond would correspond with through the ads.