#68 The One With All the Mob Hits

Episode 68:

"The Tale of The Hook"

Harry Aleman was the son of a Mexican narcotics trafficker and an Italy mother who lived in the Taylor Street neighborhood of Chicago, surround by their entire family. Harry’s father beat him daily for several years, until he went to prison and then Harry grew close with an aunt, who eventually married “Uncle Joe” who was moving up the ranks in the crime syndicate, The Chicago Outfit.

Harry eventually joined The Outfit as well and became the unofficial enforcer, having a background in boxing and being know for a hard left hook. Between 1971 and 1977 there were several murders that can be attributed to Harry, but the one that haunted him the most was Billy Logan, who happened to be the ex-husband of Harry’s cousin.

But when Harry went in front of a Judge, the ruling was acquittal…because the Judge had been bribed by The Outfit. Harry went to prison for other crime related things but was out within 12 years.

However, the federal government eventually created a task force to investigate the corruption in the legal system in Chicago courts. Soon, the bribe for Harry’s acquittal came to light and he was re-indicted. It’s not double jeopardy because the trial was a sham and this time Harry’s past came back to bite him.