#63 The One With No Tactical Plan

Episode 63:

"The Tale of the Brookline Shootout"

JD and Willie Young had 11 children in the Ozark area of Missouri, though they eventually moved to Oklahoma, after a couple seasons worth of bad luck for their farm to stay lucrative. In Oklahoma, the children flourished but three of them: Paul, Jennings and Harry, were a bit troublesome, to the point their mother, Willie, thought Harry was insane and didn't discipline him for anything. Eventually the family moved back to Missouri and that's when the three boys started a life of thievery. Eventually, the nonviolent group took a hard left when Harry killed a City Marshal and went on the run. Eventually, in 1932, authorities had definitely proof of where the boys where in Springfield, Missouri and decided to raid the house and take them under arrest. However, they underestimated the situation, going with minimum manpower, armed only with pistols and two gas shells, and believed with 100% confidence that the boys would just surrender right away. However, the situation ended quite differently that then officers anticipated, leaving 6 dead and the Young boys on the run.