#60 The One With The Unlucky Eight

Episode 60:

“The Tale of the Richard Speck”

By the time Richard Speck was 19, he had dropped out of high school and gotten a younger girl pregnant. Richard was a bad student with poor eyesight, which created issues in his adult life, so very early on he turned to a life a petty crime. By the age of 25, he had 42 arrests under his belt in Texas alone and when a warrant was issued for his arrest in 1966, he moved on to Chicago. But Richard didn’t have any better luck there, and ended up quickly wearing out his welcome at his sister’s house. Eventually he tried to find work on a merchant ship but failed at that as well and on July 13, 1966, Richard took out his frustrations in the worst way possible, targeting a group of student nurses who were living in a row of townhouses nearby.