#15 The One With All The Relationships

Episode 15:

“A Tale of Intention"

Ruth (Neilson) Ellis, had a normal childhood but as an adult, she found that decision making wasn’t her strong suit. She had many relationships, all of which left her pregnant and was working as a nude model, hostess at a club and also dabbled in prostitution. Then, she finally met David Blakely, a man who was engaged to another woman; though despite this fact, began a relationship with Ruth.

But once Ruth realized David was still interested in dating other women (and his fiancé) still, Ruth went out and met an older man named Desmond, and she entered in relationships with both men, though David, after a while, started ignoring her, wanting to end the relationship. 

Then on a fateful Easter Sunday in 1955, Ruth decided to get David’s FULL attention, by force.