#5 The One With The Meal For Two

Episode 5:

“The Tale Of The Terrible Home Decor”.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: Katherine is one crazy bitch. Though, some research into Australian Aborginials seems to reflect that there is a history of increase mental illness among AA blood lines, as opposed to other heritary backgrounds in Australia; Katherine still takes the cake. She was precise in handling the task at hand and completed it with expert level execution (pun intended, always), other than her failed attempt at suicide. 

Also, I realize I say “um” and “like”, a little more than preferred. You’ll have to excuse my 10 years of customer service by phone employment background, where you have to “fill time”, while completing shit for clients and you can’t be silent for more than 3 seconds “due to company policy”. Anyway, I’ll work on it.