#3 The One With The Turquoise Ring

Episode 3:

“The Tale Of The Turquoise Ring” 

The Briley Brothers were complete assholes. I mean, your dad doesn’t even trust you enough to not PADLOCK his door at night...so yeah. Also, what’s the deal with all the snakes?!?

Anyway, this story took place in Richmond, Virginia which is about two hours from where we live. Though this podcast isn’t about us personally, every now and then small things about us may slip through. I found this story by searching for murders that took place in Virginia on Daniel’s birthday and it ended up being pretty insane. So, if you want to know if an interesting murder ever took place on your birthday, in your hometown, or some shit like that, then email us (MurdUpPodcast@gmail.com) and I may find something to turn into an episode.