#2 The One With The “32 Year Old"

Episode 2: 

"The Tale Of The Guy Who Loves Bathtubs"

Kelly Anne’s story is not as detailed as others, for obvious reasons. Though the picture isn’t as clearly painted so it’s not the best storytelling episode, she had a very long and drawn out death, caused by intense violence and beyond imaginable acts and I think it’s a story that needs to be told. James Patterson Smith had clear escalation signs, so I think he would have killed someone, had Kelly Anne been able to get away and I’m not sure if he would have stopped at just one. 

Also, we have microphones finally (yay), and in this episode we decided to start naming the stories. Please note though, that the title of the episodes don’t necessarily match the name of the story, so don’t be confused. Daniel knows nothing (like Jon Snow) when we sit down to record, so the name of the story is 100% made up by me (Holly, obviously), but then we collaborate later to come up with the episode title.