#21 The One With All The Heroin

Episode 21:

“The Tale Of The Anti-Romeo & Juliet”

Nancy Spungen was a loud and difficult child. In school, she excelled but she had a difficult time making friends. By the time Nancy was out of high school, she was in New York City, following bands around the growing music scene.

John Simon Ritchie (“Sid Vicious”), was a silly but sweet child, who grew up in an unstable environment. When his mother kicked him out of the house at 16, he went to live with a few friends and eventually found himself in the center of the London punk scene.

In 1977, when Sid and Nancy met, it seemed almost doomed from the beginning. They had infamous fights, that would keep all of the neighbors up; and the pair had a bad habit of fueling each others’ drug addiction. Then, in October 1978, Nancy was found dead in the bathroom of the couple’s Hotel Chelsea room. Sid was arrested for her death, though never convicted as he was found dead of an overdose, just a few months later.