#67 The One With All The .22’s Part 1

Episode# 67-1:

"The tale of "La Pistolera""

Sharon Hall met James Kinne in 1956 at a church function. Sharon was 16 and began a relationship with the 22 year old college student, while he was home for the summer. Soon, Sharon was pregnant and the pair were married. Within the next two three years, Sharon had a miscarriage and gave birth to two other children, one boy and one girl. But Sharon and James’s relationship was lacking and Sharon was having an affair with a high school friend, John.

James eventually decided he wanted a divorce. But tragedy struck the family before the paperwork was filed…James ended up dead and Sharon cashed in a hefty life insurance policy, buying a brand new Thunderbird, which brought Walter Jones into her life. Walter, despite being married and not interested in leaving his wife, began a relationship with Sharon a month after James’s death.

But eventually Sharon wanted more out of the relationship than Walter was willing to give and he ended things. Two days later, he filed a missing persons report as his wife hadn’t been seen or heard from in over 24 hours. Patricia was discovered later that day…by none other than Sharon and her boyfriend, John.

But Sharon’s story doesn’t end there. After multiple hearings and a trip to Mexico, Sharon made one final life altering change that is still a mystery to us today.