#66 The One With the Children of Thunder Part 1

Episode# 66-1:

“The Tale of the Helzer Brothers”

Taylor and Justin Helzer were brothers, raised in a devoted Mormon family. Justin looked up to the charismatic Taylor, which was encouraged by the brother’s parents. As adults, this trend continued. Taylor was briefly married and had children with a woman named Ann, but by 1996, he was single and had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. About that same time, he created his own personal belief system and thought that the issue with the world was that we all believe in “good vs evil”. Taylor eventually claimed himself THE prophet of God and started a cult named the Children of Thunder, which of course Justin was a member of. The Children had a plan to use Brazilian orphans to assassinate the Mormon leaders that Taylor could take over the church and start a self-help group called Transform America, but they had one issue. Funding. After several tries the cult finally came up with a plan to get money but it would involve “killing in the name of God”.