#65 The One With the Premature Robbery Part 1

Episode# 65-1:

“The Tale of the Copper Queen Mine”

John Heath didn’t make a “lawful” living in Bisbee, Arizona in 1882, though he did own a saloon and dancehall. John was known for robbing and cattle rustling as a man source of income. John had a group of other outlaws he hung out with: Tex, York, Billy, Big Dan & Red.

At the time, Bisbee was a newly established town that primarily housed the workers of Copper Queen Mine, which was prosperous with high quality copper, silver and gold. So, John and the gang thought it was the perfect hit to score a big payday at one time. The Copper Queen Mine paid their workers once a month, on the 10th, and the General Store in Bisbee was the safe keeping place where the payroll was kept for a day or so before payday, since there wasn’t an established bank in town. The payroll typically totaled to $7000 which is roughly $190,000 today.

But on December 8, 1883, the day they decided to hit the General Store to rob payroll, they ran into a problem…which turned a robbery with a large payout into a five minute massacre that the citizens of Bisbee were determined to get justice for.