#56 The One With the Funky Trunks Part 1

Episode# 56-1:

“The Tale of the Trunk Murderess”

Winnie Ruth Judd was known for being a liar, self-center and immature, even as an adult. At the age of 17 she met and quickly married a doctor named William Judd, who had a morphine addiction due to injuries sustained in WW1, in addition to being an alcoholic. Because of this, William was unable to keep a job for very long, and the couple moved often. William also refused to have babies, which was something that Winnie had desperately wanted her entire life. After a forced abortion, followed by another pregnancy which ultimately ended in a miscarriage, Winnie contracted Tuberculosis and the couple separated with Winnie moving to Phoenix, Arizona. There, Winnie met and started dating playboy and wealthy 43 year old Happy Jack Halloran, but things got messy when Winnie started getting jealous of Jack’s attention towards other women, namely her friends Annie and Sammy. Ultimately an argument over Jack ensued and Winnie’s decision was to pack up a couple of trunks and head to LA. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out as smoothly as Winnie would have hoped.