#55 The One With "God's" Gang Part 1

Episode# 55-1:

“The Tale of Hell Raising in Buckingham”

Between March and April 1996 in Fort Myers, Florida, Kevin “God” Foster, Peter “Fried” Magnotti, Chris “Slim” Black and Derek “Mob” Shields, along with the occasional help from Chris "Red" Burnett, Tom "Dog" Torrone, Brad Young, and later Craig Lesh; went on a vandalism and arson spree to wreak havoc and make headlines.

Going by the name “Lords of Chaos”, they destroyed a historic Coca-Cola building, stole several cars, and robbed a few people, including Derek’s landlord who owned a restaurant in town.

The majority of the group was intelligent with high IQs, but as teenagers they eventually made mistakes and one night, while vandalizing they high school auditorium, the LOC was caught by a teacher, Mark Schwebes. Recognizing a couple of the gang members, Mark informed them that they would be visited by the police the next morning about the incident. The Lords of Chaos couldn’t allow this as the third rule of the LOC was: any outsider who threatened the group would be killed.